Hey! My name is Ivor Zeman, CEO of GRIZLI 🐻

I have been fortunate enough to transform my hobbies into my career. That is the reason why I founded GRIZLI in 2021. My company encapsulates my passions, life purpose, personal essence, and technical skillset all in one sweet package.

An active lifestyle and various sports have always been prevalent throughout my life. I studied sports science – kinesiology 🎓 from 2012-2018.  That pushed me to further educate myself and I became a snowboard & ski instructor 🗻(2016) as well.
In college, I fell in love with sailing. Therefore I successfully completed skipper academy and have been a professional skipper ever since(2019). 

In the off-season, I am constantly improving in new and creative ways. I have many complementary hobbies (freediving, spearfishing, skateboarding, woodworking…) that help me perfect my craft. My mission is to uphold the utmost level of quality and creativity when it comes to my services🏋️❄️🏝️




I am happy to help!

You can get ahold of me using one of the ways below or simply fill out the contact form. I’ll get back to you, as soon as possible 🐻

   +385 95 8634 389


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