About me

Hello, I am Ivor Zeman, CEO of GRIZLI.

I have been fortunate enough to transform my hobbies into my career. That is the reason why I started my company. GRIZLI encapsulates my passions, life purpose, personal essence, and technical skillset all in one sweet package.

My mission is to uphold the utmost level of quality when it comes to my services.​

I have been skiing and snowboarding since I was in elementary school. In college, on my way to getting a master’s in sports science – Kinesiology, I also got my instructor’s license for skiing & snowboarding. While in college I fell in love with sailing, therefore I successefully completed skipper academy and have been a skipper ever since. Always moving forward, constantly improving in new and creative ways.



Fitness training

Live workout, outdoor training and personnal coaching

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Ski and snow lessons

Private or group lessons with skis or snowboard

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Personnal skipper

Expert route planning, local guide and experienced captain

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CLIENT reviews


“Logical, functional, exceptional. That is all I have to say about Grizli Fit.”


Fit training


“Mondays and Wednesdays became our son’s favourite days because of snowboarding lessons with Ivor.”


Snowboard classes


“Awesome party week. Unbelievable. Props to our skipp for making all arrangements!”


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