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All lessons begin and end on the slope. Exceptions can be made, like picking the student/s up at beforehand agreed destination. This kind of pickup can be arranged after you book a lesson directly with Your instructor.

Forenoon lesson (9-12h): at 8:30  right next to Sljeme Tower.
Afternoon lesson (13-16h): at 12:45  right next to Sljeme Tower.

After you book your lesson you will get info and contact of Your instructor so you can arrange all important details with him. If you need any clarification do not hesitate to contact your instructor.


In order to get to the Sljeme ski resort, there are few options: BUS, GONDOLA or CAR.

🚌 Take any of these three bus lines 140 (Mihaljevac – Sljeme), 227 (Svetice – Gornji Bukovac – Gračansko dolje) and 233 (Mihaljevac – Markuševec). From the starting station of the gondola take the bus line 140 (Mihaljevac – Sljeme) if you want to drive the bus to the top. The ride takes about 30-45minutes.

🚋 Take the tram lines 8 (Mihaljevac – Zapruđe) or 14 (Mihaljevac – Zapruđe). From the last station (Mihaljevac) take the tram line 15 (Mihaljevac – Gračansko Dolje) for four stations (5 minutes) until you come upon the big building of the gondola starting station

Ticket prices are listed here.

🚗 If you want to drive up the top of the mountain with your car you can type Sljeme Tower in your navigation. Once you are up try to park your car as close to the top as possible, parking can be scarce, especially during the weekends.


These are the places from which you can rent skiing or snowboarding gear that you should need. You can click the links to get all information about their prices.


To use ski lifts & cables on Sljeme Ski Resort you will need a reusable chip card. You can get it at any register or ticketstore for 4€. Once You have it You can recharge it live at any register/ticketstore or online.

Entrance to Sljeme Snowpark is free of charge even without the ski pass, but it is much convenient to buy one and avoid all the hiking up the hill.

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client reviews

Mondays and Wednesdays became our sons favourite days because of snowboarding lessons with Ivor.


I was so afraid I was gonna hurt myself snowboarding. Our instructor Ivor just made the learning process so logical and gradual that I did not have a chance to be scared.


I hired him to teach my kids snowboarding. In the end he helped me with picking new snowboarding gear for myself and taught me a thing or two.


We came to Zagreb and wandered by accident to Ivor on top of Sljeme mountain. He was so nice, we didn’t have any gear but he helped us pick it out in the rent and taught us how to snowboard in 3 hours.


Dobiti mješanu grupu prijatelja u kojoj nitko nije na istoj razini predznanja i onda te ljude ne samo naučiti bordati već vrhunski zabaviti je vrhunski posao. To successfully teach a big group of very different people is hard enough, but to get them to have an awesome time as well is nothing short of brilliance.


I never would have thought I would be doing so good. Looking forward to stepping it up next winter


The only reason I did not give up was because I had him by my side doing my first toeside slides. Tons of patience and knowledge !


My daughter is non-stop about awesome times on the slopes with the funniest ski instructor Ivor.


My warmest recommendation for a best instructor I could have had.


Ivor helped me realize tricks are not difficult. We started small and gradually got to 180’s on small jumps and beginner rail riding.


When I leave my son Marko with Ivor for a skiing lesson I know I can go skiing for a couple of hours for myself without a care in the world